Why does the grind size of your coffee matter? Is there really a difference between the finely grounded coffee by commercial machines in coffee shops and hand-crushed coffee between two rocks?

The way you grind your coffee (and when you grind) is the first step toward influencing how the final brew tastes. For professional baristas constantly keeping an eye on your grind and making necessary adjustments (calibration) is the difference between coffee being good and perfect. Ground coffee has much more surface area than whole bean coffee, allowing water (the extraction agent) to make contact with more coffee when brewing. More contact means more flavor extraction and better yield.
The rules of coffee grinding are:
1. Grind your coffee right before you are ready to brew: This is done to retain the freshness of your coffee.

2. Choose the right grind size: This depends on the type of coffee you are preparing and the equipment of use. i.e. Medium grind for filter coffee, fine grind for espresso coffee.

3. Select and use a high-quality coffee grinder: When using specialty coffee, a great grinder will transform your coffee experience from the inside out.  If you're on the hunt for a quality grinder, visiting a Coffee Equipment and Machine Showroom that offers a variation of products would assist you in making a perfect choice.

4. Keep your coffee grinder clean: With each time you grind your coffee, a crust of fine grounds in hard-to-reach parts of your grinder that will leave your cup of morning coffee tasting sour. Cleaning your coffee grinder is important because it will ensure that you get a wonderful tasting cup of coffee each time you need one.

Understanding the small hacks in preparation of your coffee will surely assist you in preparing the perfect cup. Get to learn more about how by playing a visit to the Connect Coffee Empowerment Centre.


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