Connect Coffee Empowerment Center is a way of giving back to our community by empowering the youth through educating and equipping them with the necessary skills to battle the giant which is Unemployment. The training academy includes all foundations necessary to accommodate coffee enthusiasts at any level.

What services will be offered 

Coffee Knowledge

A good understanding of coffee, including the basics of production, roasting, and brewing, should be the foundation for any barista. This allows new baristas to understand how the industry works and why we perform some tasks in the way we do. For example, without an understanding of processing methods, a barista may not know which coffee to suggest to a customer looking for a specific profile.

Technical skills

A barista may be well-educated on the history of coffee and theory of brewing, but they’re only as good as their technical skills. As well as knowing how to make espresso-based drinks and pour-overs, baristas should be competent in maintaining equipment and adapting to new variables such as different coffees and non-dairy kinds of milk.

Café management and customer service course

Being a great barista isn’t as simple as training on an espresso machine – it takes years of practice with lots of contributing factors along the way. customer service component to your training program and make sure to include real-life examples and shadowing experienced baristas. Trainees should be educated on how to greet customers, what information to offer, and how to make suggestions to people who are new to specialty or undecided on what to order.

We're here to help you find the courses that work for you. If you are interested in what we are doing, get in touch with our Education Team by leaving a comment below.



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