Looking for a coffee training school in Kenya ? The good news is that you have plenty of choices, the bad news is that it can be hard to decide. What should you look for? I would love to answer that. I live and breathe barista training, I watch out for new barista techniques. So here’s some sound advice on what entails a barista school.

Coffee Academy

Life skills

Learning is such a large part of the specialty coffee community, so take the opportunity to progress your knowledge on an ongoing basis. In addition to providing you with the fundamentals, a structured training program will do more than just teach you technical skills – it will teach and inspire you to provide great espresso drinks with excellent customer service 100 per cent of the time, ultimately generating more business for your café.

Doing a barista course is a great way to get started in the coffee industry. Well few schools like Connect Coffee Academy make the cut for these factors which is a great school -just right for you.


Covid-19 has affected every sector across the globeand the hotel industry is among the hardest hit. Like so many industries, the industry will also see both subtle and substantial shifts in the post-pandemic era. Some are already apparent today, including the launch of the barista refresher course.

If you’re planning to get back to the coffee world, our 5-day Barista Refresher Course is definitely for you! This master class is turn-key, well-crafted comprehensively to enhance barista expertise in the main coffee aspects including:

Brewing fundamentals & techniques utilizing today’s most popular espresso and coffee brewing equipment. You’ll learn all fundamental espresso and coffee making skills, and how to prepare all the popular coffee house drinks to the highest standard.

Specialized and highly detailed coffee business education and training taught by real coffee business owners and industry experts.

In-depth coffee shop operational & management training focused on efficiency.

Detailed workbooks and reference materials including, equipment sourcing guides, operations manual, and much, much more!

This course will be instrumental in improving barista performance and support your business coffee section to upsell. Don’t miss out on this exciting and informative coffee session.

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Coffee shops are one of the most popular types of businesses today. They are financially rewarding as well as easy to start up and maintain. If you are keen to look as you go past the upcoming urban developments, you will notice a new coffee shop popping up every now and then.

As of now, you might be happy with the beverages that you serve and other aspects of your coffee shop but how do you make sure your coffee shop stays relevant and keep the line flowing in.

What modern-day customers desire most is the ability to try new things without wasting vulnerable time. Thus;

  • Having a highly efficient service system will from set standards
  • Unique coffee recipe
  • Hastily working baristas

Guarantee the customers will always keep coming back.

Another way of retaining your customers is by understanding what they want. Knowing your customer’s means being able to match their knowledge of coffee. Most customers have a vast wealth of knowledge on the latest trends, coffee blends, flavors, and their favorite drink. It is necessary to cater to the most popular types of coffee to be able to match what other brands are offering.

Having a loyal customer base means offering them a “home away from home”.  You probably want to turn your coffee shop into somewhere people can hang out, relax, do some light reading and maybe even go on dates. This can all be achieved by setting the perfect ambiance for all groups of people.

  • Perfect lighting
  • The right type of furniture
  • Colour of paint used
  • The right type of music.

This will all set the mood for customers to want to stay just a little longer.

Have any suggestions on how to improve the overall coffee experience for customers? Leave a comment below.

Attempting to take on unemployment is both exciting and unnerving.

Connect Coffee Empowerment Center is a way of giving back to our community by empowering the youth through educating and equipping them with the necessary skill to battle the giant that is Unemployment…


Brewing a delicious cup of coffee at home may not be as difficult as you think. There are 3 stages to becoming like the guru who prepares your perfect cup at your favorite coffee shop.

Becoming a barista at entry level: 

Taking part in knowledge classes (Home-brewing & Roasting for sweetness class) will empower you with the necessary manual brewing skills, sensory, aroma, and tasting skills to help to kick-start your journey. The process is both affordable and less time consuming (2hrs), followed by regular practice that will earn you the title.

Barista at junior level:

At this point, you will have a decent palate among other attributes to be a good junior. Ability to taste the coffee and adjust brewing recipes as required. The ability to focus on making great drinks with haste and the capacity to spend hours on their feet without showing exertion. With this level of qualification

Barista at professional level:

Observe your favorite baristas in  action could have positive, far-reaching, and practical benefits to your life. Love for coffee, work ethic & attention, communication and professionalism may not be unique to baristas, but they do help us make better coffee!

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